How to Make Your Rental’s Entryway More Accessible

As a Tri-cities rental property owner, your top priority is the safety of your tenants. You also want a rental property with plenty of curb appeal, which means you would like to have an attractive entryway that draws people to your property and also is easy for people to access. 

In order to be profitable, both aesthetics and accessibility are very important. However, the main objective as a property owner should be ensuring the well-being of your renters, and that means doing all you can to prevent accidents. You need to be sure that people can enter and exit your property with ease and do all you can to prevent incidents of slips and falls. 

Importance of Rental Entryways

When you create an accessible entry into your rental property – be it apartments or a house – you can leverage this to draw diverse sets of people to your rental property. Among the various types of demographics, you can appeal to with a more accessible entryway are seniors and people with physical disabilities. 

Entryways to a house control access to the property. That is why an entryway is such an important facet of preparation for a rental home for tenants. Unfortunately, many single-family rental homes and, more typically older homes, do not come equipped with easily accessible entryways. Older homes sometimes can be dangerous when they have safety hazards such as rail-less steps or slippery walkway materials. It bodes well for newer homes that upgraded building codes and a solid understanding of universal design have significantly improved accessibility. 

As a property owner, you must be focused on evaluating your house or apartments from an accessibility standpoint. 

How to Make Entryways More Accessible

In order to accurately assess your entryway, try taking slow walks through entryways. Walk the perimeter of the entryways and up to the front walkway and be mindful of how smooth walkway surfaces are. Look for damaged areas along the entryway that could lead to people tripping or having a wheelchair become stuck. 

Many times an issue arises because of how narrow the front walkway is, which combined with damaged surfaces, can make it quite difficult for some tenants to access their property safely. Consider right-angle turns. Think about eliminating sharp corners and replacing them with curves. With a curving pathway up to your house, you enjoy the twin advantages of greater accessibility and an appealing feature in front of the house. 

Front steps can easily pose a danger to many renters and their visitors. Steps become even more hazardous when ice and snow cover them. The superior home designs omit steps leading up to the houses. 

In the meantime, there are actions you can take to remedy the potential danger of steps, making your entryway more accessible. 

You could start by installing a durable handrail and quality exterior lighting. It is best if railings extend at a minimum of one foot beyond the bottom of the stairs, and the lights need to be perfectly placed, allowing for clear illumination for every step. You could also add non-slip strips or material to the steps. 

Depending on how high the front steps ascend and how much money you have for landscaping improvements, it could be more cost-effective to replace the front steps and create a staircase to the front door instead. Consider entryway ramps, as many of the better ones look the same as a slightly elevated cement walkway with a gradual upward slope. By doing this, you enhance the curb appeal of your property while adding a low-profile ramp that substantially improves the safety of your entry area.

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