Full-Service Property Management Done Right


Jerry D. Abrams Company, Inc. is one of the largest full-service property management companies in the Tri-Cities, currently managing a large portfolio of residential homes, 750,000 square feet of office, medical, and retail space, and leasing approximately 75,000 commercial square feet per year. Our team of professionals has the experience of managing Investment properties for over 40 years, including:

  • Commercial Property Management
  • Residential Property Management
  • HOA Management
  • Leasing Office Space
  • Full-Service Property Maintenance 

Serving the Tri-Cities & Spokane

Why Jerry D. Abrams Company Inc.?

Jerry D. Abrams Company, Inc. is uniquely focused on providing an ideal experience for the owners and tenants of commercial and residential real estate. We give owners and tenants this great experience by using over forty years of property management and leasing expertise.

By choosing Jerry D. Abrams Company, Inc., you ensure that your investment is being managed by someone who has management as the primary focus of our business.

We are a licensed, bonded Washington Corporation currently employing a total complement of professionals capable of performing all aspects of property management. Our entire accounting system is totally automated, utilizing state of the art computers and software.